Open Letter To Our Supporters

Dear Friends of the Parents Matter Coalition:

Thank you for your help and commitment to the PMC “Right to Parent Ballot Initiative.” Knowing
that you’re all busy with the obligations that life brings makes your dedication to restore parental
rights even more special to us.

While we did not meet the 328,000 valid signature threshold necessary, and we may be
disappointed in the end result of this particular project, we can all be proud of what we
accomplished together and how your support will continue to make a worthy difference for
families and our communities.

To best understand our achievements and success, it’s important to frame our work with
context. First, ballot initiatives of this magnitude usually have an 18- to 24 month head start. We
were able to secure just over 100,000 valid signatures in six months. This demonstrates that we
were on track and we had momentum, even without the anticipated support of some

Second, the ballot initiative created the opportunity for everyday citizens to finally take part in an
action-oriented campaign that had meaning for change. It was the “scratch to the itch” for many
who wanted to do something, but didn’t know how or what to do. It also attracted a diverse
group of coalition partners from national, state, local, faith and grassroots organizations. Their
participation will be particularly important as we continue the ongoing work of the Parents
Matter Coalition.

Your efforts in collecting signatures did the extraordinary: they organically raised awareness
of the very real issues and legislation that impact families. You piqued curiosity, you
started conversations, you educated the uninformed about anti-family legislation, you
encouraged, you empowered. You inspired ordinary people to courageously step off the
sidelines, find their voices and stand up for the inherent rights of parents and to protect our
precious children. THAT is success!

But we’re not done. We cannot lose our momentum in this war on families. In the coming
weeks, the PMC will be meeting with Coalition Partner leaders to address the impetus of hostile,
anti-family, anti-freedom legislation in Illinois and the strategy to defeat it. The PMC will continue
as an education, advocacy and mobilization organization to help communities create better
governance systems and institutions that will protect families. We will keep you informed on the
progress and plans ahead.

We hope and pray that you remain in this fight that demands our unity. The ballot initiative was
not a singular activity to be forgotten. Your enthusiasm and energy are needed in the months to
come if we’re to reclaim and restore parental rights and the future of our children. Please visit
our website Let us know that you’ll continue to stand!

To the Victory!

P.S. – The egregious anti-democratic actions to enact SB2412 in less than 48 hours between
May 1 st and May 3rd by the Democrat super-majority and the Governor have not gone
unnoticed. It indicates that that they were threatened by our success and momentum, and
unaware of our current signature tally. Because only three ballot advisory questions or
referendum are permitted on each state-wide ballot (Constitutional amendments are exempted
from this provision), passing SB2412 to usher in three “bogus” legislatively referred advisory
questions at the 11 th hour, was the necessary “insurance policy” to ensure our citizen-led ballot
initiative would not make it to the ballot. It was also designed to silence candidates preparing to
be slated against vulnerable, incumbent Democrats on the ballot.

The irony of this assault on the democratic process, by those who portend to be champions of
freedom and democracy, is thick. To cower behind the concept of “ethics” and spew tired
platitudes about “smoke-filled backrooms” is desperate and pathetic. It is not enough that they
currently laud power over us; they want to crush us.

Some of you have also made inquiries and suggestions about joining lawsuits being filed on
behalf of the potentially slated candidates wrongfully impacted by the tyranny of SB2412. They
have good cause and will hopefully prevail. Unfortunately, the Right to Parent Ballot Initiative
does not enjoy the same legal standing or cause for argument, no matter how unsavory the
actions of the supermajority are.

Please take heart. None of this is over. The actions of the supermajority underscored just who
they are and how little they think of you. Let this fuel your motivation for the real change that
begins with each and every one of us, together.

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Open Letter To Our Supporters

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Dear Friends of the Parents Matter Coalition:

Thank you for your help and commitment to the PMC “Right to Parent Ballot Initiative.” Knowing
that you’re all...





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