Why Your Role Matters:

  • Amplify Voices: By collecting signatures, you amplify the voices of parents who believe in the importance of preserving their rights.

  • Community Strength: Your efforts build a stronger community that values and safeguards the rights of parents to make decisions for their families.

  • Impact Legislation: The signatures you gather propel our petitions onto the ballot, influencing legislation that directly protects and empowers parents.

How You Make a Difference:

  1. Signature Collection: Hit the streets, engage with your community, and gather signatures to ensure our petitions gain the momentum needed for change.

  2. Advocacy: Be the advocate our parents need. Share our mission, raise awareness, and spark conversations that ignite change.

  3. Be a Changemaker: Your commitment propels us closer to a future where parents can confidently exercise their rights, shaping a community that prioritizes family values.

Ready to Empower Parents?

Join us as a volunteer and be the driving force behind securing parental rights. Together, let's make a lasting impact on families and communities. Sign up now and help us shape a future where parents matter!

Make A Pledge to Secure Petition Signatures

1. Community Advocate - I commit to securing 10 signatures

2. Community Leader - I commit to securing 50 signatures

3. Community Champion - I commit to securing 100 signatures 

4. Community Hero - I commit to securing 250 signatures

Will you volunteer?