The Parents Matter Coalition (PMC) was started by a group of Illinois parents concerned with
protecting their minor children. As the state of Illinois continues to encroach upon parents’ right
to be involved in their children’s lives – particularly within the context of major life-altering
decisions such as abortion or gender modifying therapies and treatments – PMC came together
to push back against the government’s interference in parent-child relationships.

The mission of the Parents Matter Coalition is to help parents and the community reclaim and
restore the rights for parents and guardians to parent their minor children, free from government

It will do this by engaging and educating parents the community at large on laws, legislation and
non-regulatory policies that have created a schism in the parent-child relationship. It will expose
the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for violating the inherent rights of parents.

By this, the PMC will empower ALL who care about children and parents rights to take action
and advocate on behalf of the future of our families, communities and state.

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Open Letter To Our Supporters