Do you believe in the inherent and legal rights of parents and guardians to have a voice in the physical and mental healthcare of their minor children? Are you ready to take a stand and push back on the insidious encroachment of Illinois policy on your kids, but not sure what to do?

The mission of the Parents Matter Coalition is to help parents and the community reclaim and restore the rights for parents and guardians to parent their minor children, free from government overreach. It will do this by engaging and educating parents the community at large on laws, legislation and non-regulatory policies that have created a schism in the parent-child relationship.

By this, the PMC will empower ALL who care about children and parents rights to take advocate on behalf of their families, communities and state. It will light the path of  necessary action for real impact and systemic change for the future of our children.

In the coming weeks, the Parents Matter Coalition will be launching the strategy for parents and communities to reclaim their rights in Illinois with intentionality, efficiency and effectiveness.

Please join the movement. For us to best help you stay informed, connected to us, link you to resources, help you foster relationships in your community and contribute to goals, please register your information here. We value your privacy and your information is secure and never shared.

We are not co-parenting with the government!

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