Right to Parent Ballot Initiative

The Parents Rights Initiative is a signature petition drive to support a Ballot Advisory Question
(BAQ) to collect 500,000 signatures to secure a place on the November 2024 General Election
Ballot. We will do this when we engage 50,000 volunteer circulators from around the state
representing a multitude of organizations all committed to a parent’s right to parent their minor

Unlike a ballot referendum question (binding), the BAQ allows a question of public opinion to be
placed on the ballot without having to go through the legislative process. While it’s non-binding,
it’s the best gauge of public opinion allowing the voices of Illinois voters to be heard. And
because Illinois has a Democrat super-majority, this question of public policy would never make
out of committee, let alone getting to the Illinois House and Senate floors for a vote if it had to
first go through the legislative process.

The Parents Rights Initiative is a multi-step process. First, we must remain laser-focused and
committed to secure 500,000 signatures by April 15th and get this question on the ballot.
Nothing else matters right now.

When everyone pledges to collect 30 signatures, or more, we can clear the first step, then
focus on the next step…

Once on the ballot, it should encourage…and we believe compel… legislators to respond in the
6 months leading up to the November election. For example, they should be asked to publish
their position on the repeal of the Parental Notification Act as well as other pending and enacted
legislation, and non-regulatory guidance that has created a schism in the child-parent
relationship. And throughout the process, we collectively raise awareness of these policies that
have gone largely unchecked. The Parents Matter Coalition is working to get information and
additional tools to the volunteers to encourage and inspire their success.

Together, we can do this! Join the movement by downloading petition, make your pledge to
secure at least 30 signatures and commit to restoring parental rights in Illinois.

Click here for simple things you can do now!

Click here for the petition and directions!